How to choose the right size: Barefoot basics & No(N)s sizes

One of the main features of barefoot shoes is a proper fit. Different manufacturers use different sizing, so the foot needs to always be measured first.

  • Start from drawing the outline of your bare foot on paper while standing or at least putting your weight on the foot. Measure the length of the foot from heel to big toe. Measure the width and circumference at the ball of the foot. It’s useful to take repeat measurements in the morning and evening, as the size of your foot can vary a bit. Make several drawings as well, because depending on the pencil hold you can draw your foot bigger (or smaller) than it really is. 
  • When choosing your new footwear make sure that you have at least 5 millimetres of free space in front of your toes and a bit on the sides, for the toes to spread while you walk. The amount of space needed depends on your preferences, habits, and the shape of the footwear. 
  • Different manufacturers use different lasts, sometimes also different ones on different models, thus making footwear of different shapes (and sizes). Always visually compare your feet to the desired model and if possible, try them on first.
  • Most people have one foot a bit larger than the other. Choose your new footwear to fit the larger foot.
  • Barefoot shoe sizes may differ from your conventional size quite a bit. Don’t be surprised if you have always worn size 39 shoes but need size 40 or even size 41 barefoot shoes.


How to choose the right size of No(N)s?

Open and print out our sole size diagram. Check the scaling - the square on the paper must be 5x5 cm. Step barefoot on the diagram (while putting your weight on that foot and wiggling your toes to get them to the right position) and determine your size. If you’re unsure about the size, go with the larger one.

NB! This diagram is of the insole. The actual inside of the shoe has a couple of extra millimetres to accommodate for the heel curve.

Compare your foot shape to the shape of No(N)s to see how it corresponds. Remember, your toes spread a bit when you walk. Compare your measurements to the ones in the given table. All No(N)s have laces or straps so they can be adjusted for a better fit.

If you happen to be in Tallinn, we have all sizes available for try-on to determine your No(N)s shoe size and fit. Just contact us to make a prior agreement.

NB! The diagram and measurements apply to most models, BUT we suggest to size UP for winter boots with shearling lining, and DOWN for summer shoes with open sides. 


Here is the sole size diagram! 

Size - No(N)s size does not necessarily correspond to other manufacturers, so make sure to measure your feet.

Length - length of insole. Measured on the last.

Width - width of the ball of the foot at its widest. Measured on the last.

Circumference - circumference of the ball of the foot at its widest. Measured on the last.

In reality there is more room inside the shoe. 


Size    Length cm   Width cm   Circumference cm  
35 22,4 8,5 21,2
36 23 8,7 21,6
37  23,7 8,9 22
38  24,4 9,1 22,4
39  25,0 9,25 22,8
40 25,7 9,4 23,2
41 26,4 9,5 23,6
42 27,0 9,7 24
43 27,7 9,85 24,4
44 28,4 10 24,8
45 29 10,2 25,6
46 29,7 10,35 26,2
47 30,4 10,5 26,8
48 31 10,65 27,2