No, No(N)s is not just a plain trademark or a logo, it’s also a mindset and a way of life. But yes, it is also a brand for quality barefoot shoes, handmade locally with care. No(N)s footwear is sustainable, repairable, and over 90% biodegradable. 

No, that (N) isn’t there just for show. It stands for both Natural and Neutral. Most of our footwear is unisex. We do not discriminate our wearers by gender, age, nor foot size.

No, they aren’t uncomfortable. They’re real barefoot shoes. They have a relatively thin and flexible sole and they can be rolled up if you wish to do so. Their “pinsole”, i.e. the construction sole is made of genuine leather, meaning that although the sole may seem a bit stiff at first, it softens with wear but retains its durability. The shoes aren’t rigid or confining in any way - they have no stiff heel or toecap. No(N)s shoes have a wide toe to accommodate for all your toes, not suppressing them and letting them move. They also do not have a heel that would spoil your posture and force you to walk wrong. 

No, we actually do know they look like bear feet - big and wide. But that is what a real foot looks like, a foot that is not confined into an unnaturally narrow, "traditional" shoe. Toes need room to move and we can provide that.  

No, you don't have to worry about sizes. At least not too much. We currently have lasts for EU sizes 37-44 but will expand the range in both size directions quite soon. 

No, we do not use synthetic materials, except for the sole. The shoes are made of leather with leather lining and leather pinsole. The toe and heel reinforcement is made from 100% cotton jersey. The sole is made from Vibram, which is light, non-slip, flexible and durable.  And when the sole wears out it can be repaired or replaced, either partially or as a whole. The uppers are also repairable and patchable. And almost everything except for the sole is biodegradable (what will be left is the ends of laces and some thread and glue).

No, these shoes are not made in China. They are designed and produced in Estonia. No(N)s designs, Samelin produces. Samelin is a small shoe factory that has the capability and skills to make quality shoes, we on the other hand have the knowledge and will to make the best possible barefoot shoes. Right here in Estonia. 

No, they aren’t mass produced. Each pair is made-to-order. Locally. On lasts designed especially for No(N)s.  

No, you don't have to always write their name with brackets, you can just affectionally call them nons...