Barefoot Combat Boots for Men & Women | Military Boots
  • Barefoot Combat Boots for Men & Women | Military Boots
  • Barefoot Combat Boots for Men & Women | Military Boots
  • Barefoot Combat Boots for Men & Women | Military Boots
  • Barefoot Combat Boots for Men & Women | Military Boots
  • Barefoot Combat Boots for Men & Women | Military Boots

(A-B) - adventurer boots on Jankaut sole

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(A-B) - Adventurer's Boots: Combat-Style, black

(A-B) stands for for (A)dventurer (B)oots. A classical-looking yet weatherproof laced boot with hooks and NO zipper. Now on Jankaut sole.

  • Made of natural smooth and shiny hydrophobic leather.
  • Dermo Coolmax Dry textile lining, that is a very good regulator of moisture and temperature, while also having good durability. 
  • Both toecap and heel uppers are made of rubber-coated leather for even better durability and scratch-resistance. Current version has tiny specs of blue on the surface (not really visible from afar but gives a bit of character to the overall dark image). 
  • Nose and heel stiffening are thin thermoplastic between upper and lining.
  • Pinsole is 1,6 mm leather that becomes more flexible with wear.
  • Vibram Jankaut sole, 8 mm thick that has a "traditional" tread pattern and that is by Vibram's own words suitable for military and police. At the same time the sole is flexible enough to fulfill the barefoot boot requirements. 
  • Wide tongue to allow big adjustments under laces.
  • Leather gussets under tongue up to ankle to improve watertightness.
  • Glued seams to improve watertightness.
  • More height/room inside (compared to (B-B) for example) to accommodate a wider/higher foot or an extra insole.


Boot heights and top circumferences (with 2 cm gap between edges) vary per size, but:

size 44 - boot height 28,5 cm, circumference 36,3 cm

size 38 -  boot height 25 cm, circumference 32,5 cm


More information about sizing, measuring and ordering here or in Size Guide.

Size- No(N)s size, it may or may not correspond to other brands so be sure to measure your feet. For how to do it and for No(N)s sole diagrams look here

Length - length of insole

Width - width of ball at its widest

Circumference - circumference of ball at its widest.


Size    Length cm   Width cm   Circumference cm  
35 22,4 8,5 21,2
36 23 8,7 21,6
37  23,7 8,9 22
38  24,4 9,1 22,4
39  25,0 9,25 22,8
40 25,7 9,4 23,2
41 26,4 9,5 23,6
42 27,0 9,7 24
43 27,7 9,85 24,4
44 28,4 10 24,8
45 29 10,2 25,6
46 29,7 10,35 26,2
47 30,4 10,5 26,8
48 31 10,65 27,2

No(N)s are made of genuine leather with either smooth and shiny, or a bit coarser and dull surface.


Smooth and shiny leather

Take care of No(N)s made of smooth and shiny leather like you do for conventional leather shoes - clean them with a damp cloth and cover with a leather balm. We suggest a balm with oils and/or wax. Use a suitable spray for additional waterproofing.


Dull leather

Our dull leather is actually a waxed suede. Suedes always look best when fresh out of the box.  To maintain the fresh look longer spray them with a water-repellent, which also helps to keep away the dust and dirt.

With the passing of time, the initial waxing slowly wears away and the surface becomes less smooth and "hairier", attracting more dirt and dust. With proper care the leather is cleanable and treatable and will look good (albeit a bit different) for longer. Treating the surface of the shoes will most likely darken the colour, but also deepen the shade, so it’s a feature rather than a flaw. Our own tests with cleaning, treating, and waxing have given pretty good results, therefore we can recommend the regular use of cleaners and treatments with wax-based agents. 

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